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Dizziness and Headaches

If you are suffering with prolonged headaches and dizziness it could be stemming from the neck, physiotherapy treatment can help resolve this. Similarly, a condition called BPPV (more commonly known as vertigo) can be caused from problems in the inner ear. A procedure called the Epley Manoeuvre, performed at Bassett Physiotherapy can help clear this condition.

Neck Pain

Common conditions involving the cervical spine include Spondylosis, post whiplash injuries, facet joint problems, disc bulge or simply tightness and stiffness could all benefit from physiotherapy treatment.  

Lower Back Pain

The causes of lower back pain are vast, you could be recovering from spinal surgery, a simple strain in the garden, prolonged sitting periods at work or a muscle pull in sport. It could also be a disc bulge that has become irritable, compressing the nerve root leading to sciatic pain. Whatever the cause Bassett Physiotherapy can provide a thorough assessment and start an appropriate treatment plan for you to use in the clinic and at home.

The Upper Extremity - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand 

Frozen shoulder, Impingement syndrome and Rotator Cuff injuries are commonly seen in clinic and treated effectively.  As is the case extending further down the arm with Golfers and Tennis elbow.  At the wrist and hand it may be an overuse injury and an inflamed tendon or ligament or a patient recovering following a sprain or post fracture.  All of which can be helped with our combinations of treatments. 

The Lower Extremity - Hip, Knee and the Foot and Ankle

At Bassett Physiotherapy Barnsley, Oliver is experienced in picking up an osteoarthric hip or knee and distinguishing this from other articular or soft tissue disorders.  He is well adept in the diagnosis and rehabilitation for injuries such as the ACL, medial ligament, runners or jumpers knee, hamstring tears, patellofemoral pain (pain around the knee cap area) and has rehabilitated countless patients back to sport. The foot and ankle assessment is of particular interest to Bassett Physiotherapy. Oliver has dedicated much of his post graduate training to this area and has now been making custom foot orthotics for over 10 years. Foot Orthotics can be particularly helpful when treating conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Achilles tendonitis or a recurrent calf strain.  

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